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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 11, 2010

Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District Superintendent Dick Magnuson said it very well Monday night.

In commemorating National School board Recognition Week, he noted this year’s theme,

“Leading Students to a Brighter World”. Considering the tough economic times from which we are emerging, the message couldn’t be better.

Magnuson thanked board members for everything they do throughout the year. School board members work long hours with no pay. They balance budgets and make tough decisions, often which affect people’s lives. They have to please taxpayers who don’t want to see their taxes go up and at the same time they have to try to please teachers and staff who are trying to earn enough money to raise families and pay taxes too.

While the demands are great, the rewards are as well.

School board members can take special pride when they go to a concert and see young voices lifted in song, coaxing notes from a musical instrument or taking those first steps forward to the microphone to say their lines in a musical. Each year, those voices grow stronger, the musicianship better and the acting more confident. In time, those same people will walk across the stage, receive their diplomas and go off to college where many will continue to sing, play music and act – some eventually professionally.

The lawyers and doctors and teachers of today built the foundations for those skills in our public and schools. And our schools are where those same skills will continue to be built and perfected.

It’s school board members, though, that are the glue that hold those schools together. They are the ones who take the ultimate responsibility for what goes wrong.

This week, let’s thank them for doing what’s right. Tell your local school board members how much you appreciate their efforts in making a better today for our schools and a better tomorrow for our society.