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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 13, 2010

This is National Nursing Home Week, a time to observe the contributions of those who make life better for our elderly.

All one has to do is step back and look at how long-term care has improved over the last 40 years. Since that time, our long-term care centers have progressed immensely, bringing light into the lives of their residents.

Long-term care options have improved immensely as well.

Not only do we have quality traditional long-term care, we also have added services such as in-home care, independent living, assisted living and memory care options. Such services and facilities not only give our seniors more options – they also give family members the knowledge that their loved ones are getting the best possible care.

Our society has benefitted greatly as well. With such a myriad of options available for our seniors, we are all able to live more independent and productive lives.

We also need to recognize the contributions of those who work in our long-term care facilities.

It takes a very caring individual to be able to welcome strangers with open arms as though they are family members. But that’s exactly what they do. Every day, dedicated certified nursing assistants create a new home for the elderly, making them feel as though they never really left their other homes.

Dedicated nursing, administrative, activity and other support staff also make our long-term care facilities a home away from home.

You, too, can make a contribution to your local long-term care facility. Volunteer to help with activities. You could help residents bake cookies, sing, play musical instruments or do art projects.

Not only will you brighten someone else’s life. You will brighten your own as well.