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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 14, 2010

“I have been working with youth for the last 20 to 25 years. And rest assured, the future is just fine.”

That was what Mike Hamilton, Rotary Youth Exchange coordinator, said at The Estherville Rotary Club’s fourth annual Service Above Self Awards luncheon Thursday at the Estherville VFW.

Those recognized were Kaylee Schoon, Samantha Natterstad, Allison Hevern, Morgan Schichtl and Amanda Heinrichs. Hevern was specially recognized for the most volunteer hours donated.

Hamilton is right. The future is in good hands. The reason is due to the innate nature of the American character and how it is exemplified in its youth.

Early in the last century, it was common to decry the energy of youth. However, it was those same youth who rallied when World War II started.

The same can be said about the youth who answered the call to duty during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

Now, we find ourselves at war on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is our youth again who have volunteered to walk long patrols, stand guard and fight those who want to destroy freedom. Not only that, our youth overseas are also helping to build schools, put in water supplies and build clinics.

While the wars in which America is engaged today are different, the commitment by our youth is no less.

And locally, the commitment of our youth helps to make Estherville and Emmet County a better place. The many hours that our young people donate make life better for both children and our elderly. Who could start to tally the economic and human benefit.

So when you see them, thank these youth for their contributions. For the shining youth of today will be tomorrow’s leaders.