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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 20, 2010

They were indeed awards well received.

Area students received awards last week and this week for their accomplishments in academics and the fine arts.

In addition to awards and scholarships for academic accomplishments, there were awards for vocal and instrumental music, art and drama.

Great thanks go to the many fine benevolent and fraternal organizations and businesses that gave scholarships and awards to these deserving students.

Deb Weston, Patrons of the Fine Arts president, said it best Tuesday night when awards were presented to students at the Estherville High School gymnasium.

“Don’t be afraid” to express yourself artistically, Weston said. “Maybe a beautiful singing voice is just waiting to get out. I just encourage you.”

She offered the same encouragement for those who did not participate a lot in the arts in high school.

“Just because you didn’t do it in high school doesn’t mean you can’t do it in college,” said Weston. “Maybe you’ll find out it’s the love of your life and you should have done it sooner.”

It was a great capstone to a great relationship between our business community and school. By giving to our schools, businesses help ensure a future qualified labor force. And by applying themselves both scholastically as well as in activities, students create a fine academic environment which in turn makes our schools more attractive to prospective employees and businesses who are considering moving to the area.

If you have donated to the scholarship fund at your local school, congratulations. You have made an excellent investment in your community’s future.

If you haven’t, please do. Consider establishing a memorial fund at your local school in a loved one’s name. What a wonderful way to create a legacy that will last well into the future.