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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | May 28, 2010

Any out-of-towner who just happened to drop in to Estherville Thursday would have been visibly impressed. Throngs of people clogged the streets for the annual Chuck Wagon Day.

Certainly, there were gozillions of hot dogs with a variety of toppings that would have satisfied any gourmet. And then there was the annual shootout at the OK Corral with Doc Sievert and his gang.

New this year was a great performance by Denise Patin’s dancers at the Ace Hardware parking lot. It was amazing to see how well the dancers did, especially at such a young age.

Thanks have to go to the area merchants who put out such a great feed. People notice when business people do things like that and they repay the favor many times over by shopping locally.

We are indeed lucky to have such a public-spirited business district that understands the importance of treating customers right. How many towns could you go to and walk down the street and have free food just about anywhere you want? Well, not very many.

Great thanks have to go to the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce for putting on the event again this year. It’s a great way to kick off the summer and get people into the summer spirit.

If you enjoyed Chuck Wagon Day Thursday, why not plan your summer events in Estherville or Emmet County. Do you have a class or family reunion? Why not hold it in one of Estherville’s great city parks, Fort Defiance State Park or at one of the several great county parks we have. Do you like canoeing? Boating? Swimming? Frisbee golf? It’s all here in Estherville – or Emmet County.

So enjoy the summer!