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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 1, 2010

On Memorial Day Monday, Estherville turned out to honor its veterans.

And the town did an outstanding job.

From the workers breakfast at 7 a.m. until services at the National Guard Readiness Center at 11, veterans, National Guard members and the public came to honor our veterans, living and departed.

It took less than half an hour for dozens of volunteers to set up over 400 flags, each of which represented a veteran who is no longer with us.

Some of those placing flags were veterans – some were caring family members of veterans of past wars. All understood that taking the time to place a flag on Library Square or the Courthouse lawn is to pay homage to the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country.

At Memorial Day services Monday throughout Estherville and Emmet County, people came to honor those who have helped keep our country free. Whether it was East Side Cemetery or Oak Hill, the Central Avenue bridge or the Catholic cemetery, cemeteries in Armstrong or Ringsted, Wallingford or Dolliver, Gruver or some rural cemetery known only by a few survivors, people came to pay respects to those who served our country and are no longer with us to thank.

We can, however, thank those who continue to serve today. Whether it’s Iraq or Afghanistan, on foreign soil or at home, our men and women in uniform continue to sacrifice and serve so the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms that we have.

Not only do we owe them our thanks. We owe them our gratitude for making ours a great nation.

As the veterans of World War II and Korea slip into the misted battlefields of memory, let us pray that their souls may find peace and fellowship with their fallen comrades in arms.

And may those veterans who are about to leave us rest assured that America is in good hands, that our military is strong and filled with dedicated and honorable soldiers who are willing to lay their lives down to assure our continued freedom.

For as long as we continue to honor our flag and our veterans, we will remain free.