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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 8, 2010

It’s that time of year again when both high-school and college students are out on the streets looking for work.

That leaves employers just a couple choices, really – either hire one of them or don’t. If you’re like a lot of employers who are concerned about the bottom line, here’s something to consider.

Maybe a big reason you’ve been holding back on hiring is that you’d have to pay benefits. Well, a lot of students would be willing to work less than full-time. If you could put them on at just 32 hours a week, they’d be elated. It would give them something productive to do for the summer and it would keep Mom and Dad off their backs.

You can bet, too, that students would be more flexible as far as working hours are concerned. They would probably be willing to come in early, take off the afternoon, and return in the evening. Having employees that are that flexible would add greatly to your staff scheduling.

Another advantage of hiring students is that it’s just, plain good for the economy. They’ll spend a lot of the money they earn locally, which will eventually benefit all area employers. And you’ll be doing your part too to help the economy.

And if that summer employee works out, maybe you could offer him or her hours this fall. You just might find that you’ve hired one of your best employees this summer – maybe even someone who will last for years to come.

So if you haven’t met your summer staffing needs quite yet, contact your local high school or community college and let them know that you could use an extra hand.

You’ll be rewarded in more ways than one.