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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 9, 2010

If you were one of an, unfortunately, relatively small percentage of people who voted in yesterday’s primary, thank you. You did your patriotic duty and voted.

However, if you did not vote for one reason or another – you refuse to declare yourself as Democrat or Republican, you were too busy or you just didn’t care because you don’t believe your vote doesn’t matter, then you should definitely read on.

Our political system functions along the lines of a two-party system. If you don’t like that, then ask people in England what they think about a coalition government between the Liberals and Conservatives.

You can be as purely ideological as you want. The fact remains that our two-party system works. If you’ve ever had the privilege of going to a district or state convention, you’ve seen how many facets of a political party are represented. Go to a Republican convention, and you’ll see liberals, moderates and conservatives. The same goes for a Democratic convention.

If you really want to have a voice in our system, get active at the county level. If you’re a Democrat, call Emmet County Democratic Party Chair John Nelson at 362-5927. If you’re a Republican, call Paul Allis at 362-3221.

If you don’t like what a political party stands for, then change the party. You can do that at the county level.

Our government is only as good as the number of people that it truly represents. So get involved. The November election isn’t that far away.

You voice matters, and people want to hear it.