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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 19, 2010

A week ago in this space we said Amy Roloff was an inspiration.

Much closer to home, Skate Estherville has proved to be this week’s inspiration.

The dedicated group of parents and youth in cooperation with the Estherville Parks and Recreation and other individuals helped bring a skate park to town. This is an example of people getting together with an idea, putting some elbow grease to it and making it a reality.

For the parents, it’s a way of bringing them closer to their kids. It’s a way for them to discuss ideas, goals and how to meet them. What a wonderful life lesson.

For kids, it’s a way to see citizenship in action. If you believe in something strongly enough, it will happen. If you dream it, and work toward that dream, it will happen.

And for the city, it’s one more feather in the cap of dedicated volunteers who want to make Estherville a better community in which to live.

If you take a look at the new logo for Estherville, you see the four elements with people in the center. The new skate park is a great example of that fifth element on how people can bring together energy and ideas to meet their goals.

Let’s hope the new skate park inspires others. Let’s hope that other people realize that if they dream it, if they work toward it, if they continue to dream about it and work about it, it will happen.

Thanks, Skate Estherville, for a wonderful example of civics and citizenship.