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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Jun 19, 2010

To the EDN,

My dad told me since childhood that nothing is free in this world. How right he was. I know we’re in a slowdown of the economy, but in the Depression he lived through, the kids didn’t go to school for free lunches. They grabbed the old lawnmower and earned money to take home for their meals. They took Grandma’s and Mom’s baked bread and rolls and sold them fresh to people who had money to buy them.

In the mid-forties when I attended school, things still weren’t right in the economy. For lunch my mother spread “lard” on the bread and sprinkled sugar on it – voila’ – “white” peanut butter. Kids from the families of means always had lunchmeat sandwiches. Mom and Dad wouldn’t be caught dead sending anything else, but lo and behold, the kids would trade the lunchmeat for the “white” peanut butter sandwiches and why? They liked them.

So now let’s get to the issue of “free”. All people who work pay taxes in many different forms. This money goes to the state and federal coffers. Agencies like the USDA get their portion of the tax money and give out grant money to different programs. In this case, it’s the school district for “free” meals even when school is out.

Have you noticed yet that “free” is not “free”. In fact, the more people they feed the more it will eventually increase for these next grants, and on and on and on. This program even includes 19-year-olds. I know there are many parents who would say, “When I was 19 I left home, was on my own or even enlisted in the service.” They didn’t depend on the school to provide them “free” meals.

This program entices even church groups, daycares, sports teams and the disabled to accept these “free” meals. Remember, the more people, the more for the next grant and the more taxes to pay for “free”. Also, instead of just inviting the “public”, they have to mention “race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.” I wonder if those things are the “string” attached to the program.

I thought we were all “free Americans” – guess not.

Paul Allis