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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jun 24, 2010

It’s the great, all-American sport. And we should all get out and enjoy it.

We’re talking about baseball, the sport that is American as you can get.

Some have called baseball a metaphysical game, meaning that there’s a philosophy to it that you don’t find in other sports. Part of that could be the inherent rhythm that one finds in a baseball game. If you have ever sat in the stands in a major league park, you’ve seen it. If you watch long enough, you see that rhythm as the pitcher and catcher work together in unison. It’s almost musical.

A big part of baseball – particularly in the major leagues – is the food. “Get your red hots while they’re hot” is as much a part of Cubs baseball games as anything. There’s something about the food you buy right in the stands that gives it a flavor all its own.

At the high-school or college level, baseball has its own attraction. You get the chance to see promising athletes developing right before your eyes. You tell yourself “I remember him when ” and it makes the game seem so much more magical because you can see that player eventually making the major leagues.

Even Walt Whitman wrote about baseball. And if a poet of his ilk could appreciate the game, so should everyone else.

If you grew up with baseball cards, not the ones that people buy now by the hundreds, but individual cards, each with a piece of gum, that gave you a special appreciation for baseball too. There was something about tearing open the package to see if you got Mickey Mantle’s rookie card that inspired excitement in every kid. And then there was the trading – that was as exciting as getting the card itself.

Baseball is truly the American sport. It carries its own flavor and aura. And it’s something we as Americans should appreciate as an institution.

The National Anthem, the players with their hats over their hearts, the roar of the crowd when the Anthem is over – they all speak of us as America and Americans.

So rediscover America. Go see a baseball game.