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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 6, 2010

Emmet County Fourth of July events again proved a reason to stay close to home.

Both the Estherville Flight Breakfast and Armstrong celebration gives us all a chance to see old friends or maybe just neighbors we don’t see often enough.

The Estherville Chamber and the area fraternal organizations that volunteer always put forth a quality spread at the breakfast-and with friendly faces serving up the food.

Bringing in the World War II bomber also was a good idea. Although only a few enjoyed the ride, all had the experience of hearing what it was like to hear “Miss Mitchell” roar into the skies as well as imagining its role in the war.

At Armstrong, the whole community gets behind the annual event with many volunteers sacrificing a part of the holiday to help everyone else have an enjoyable day.

On another note

Thanks to the young girls who called in the smoky smell at the Thoreson Park shelter house. While it appears the fire was limited in scope, they helped make sure the situation didn’t become worse.