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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 9, 2010

A day camp for fourth through sixth graders can always use a little extra help.

So it was good to see several older youth helping with Emmet County Extension’s Environmental Camp on Thursday.

Volunteering is an activity that can shape a person for life and is rewarding in itself.

And it goes without saying -the individual, young or not so young, who gives of personal time, talents and treasure gets as much out of the volunteerism experience as the recipient, if not more. Giving freely is a huge boost to the self-esteem sector especially when it involves younger citizens benefiting from the interaction.

Visit the Nature Center

The day camp was held at the Emmet County Nature Center as conservation board director Eric Anderson and naturalist Anita Fisher also helped with the day, providing fishing gear for the youth.

The two conservationists have made the Nature Center a center of learning.

The Nature Center gives the county conservation staff a location to bring students to the great outdoors.

The center is ideally located on High Lake within the confines of Wolden Park in the south central part of Emmet County. Besides using the natural ecosystems within the park complex, the Peterson Point Historic Farmstead and a nearby prairie area provide additional educational opportunities.