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Letter to the Editor

By Staff | Jul 9, 2010

To the EDN:

I am sure that the majority of people realize just how important judicial appointments to the Supreme Court are very serious. Every appointee is a lifetime position. For a 50-plus-year-old, there will be a long influence on our country.

Elana Kagan will give many people concern with her past actions. Many of us have relatives in the military. While Kagan was president at Harvard, she would not allow the military ROTC be represented on campus. You have to wonder what influence her decisions will have on our members of our family in the military with this attitude.

One explanation she gave trying to explain her reasoning. She seemed to indicate her problem with the military stemmed from “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” She seemed to resent that “Gays” were being discriminated against.

That brings up another problem for me. Is she going to promote homosexual rights like “Gay marriage?” That is a proposition that has been voted by Americans at least 20-plus times and it was defeated every time. It would seem she is 180 from most Americans.

Most people know I am pro-life. My commitment is that every person’s life is special and needs to be protected. While a temporary at an abortion facility, Brenda Shafer RN discovered the grisly “partial-birth abortions.” She testified before Congress as to how the baby was almost born and killed with only the head undelivered. Congress had passed the ban three times. President Clinton vetoed it three times.

A document was discovered that stated the obstetricians declared there was no time that type of abortions was needed. It was Kagan who contacted the COBGYN and AMA with a watered down statement they were pressured to agree with. It concerns me that she seems to have no regard for precious life.

Marilyn Bose,