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Daily News Editorial

By Staff | Jul 15, 2010

Keeping up with the news recently got a little easier when the Estherville Daily News added both Facebook and Twitter pages as ways for readers to get information from the newspaper. Links for both pages are located on the left side of the newspaper’s website www.esthervilledailynews.com

The Facebook page is set up as a fan page, which enables readers who already have Facebook accounts to add it to their profiles with one click.

More than 300 million people have Facebook accounts to help them get news and information about their friends, family and topics that interest them.

Once readers click the “like” button on the Facebook page they will get around three links a day on their Facebook news feed page.

Facebook fans also can comment on links directly on Facebook as well as suggest the page to their friends.

Along with the Facebook page, the newspaper also has added a link to a Twitter page. Twitter uses “Tweets” that are 140 characters long to inform people about millions of topics. Users of Twitter subscribe to a page by following it.

Many people use Twitter to keep track of hundreds of people and organizations through the Twitter site as well as dozens of applications that interface with the data.

The pair of pages are part of the continuing efforts by the newspaper to deliver news and information to readers when, where and how they want.