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Estherville shows generosity again

By Staff | Aug 5, 2015

To the Estherville community:

It is hard to express how grateful the ELC Class of 2014 is for the generosity and kindness the Estherville community has not only shown us, but given us as well in the last month and a half. We were all absolutely devastated and shocked by the passing of our friend and classmate, Thomas Bortvit. Immediately after, we all wanted to do something for Thomas and his family so that he would be remembered forever. We came up with the idea to plant a tree by the tennis courts as a memorial. A GoFundMe page was started since our class did not have the money by ourselves for the memorial, with a simple goal of $300. Even then, I thought I was asking for too much from the community. Little did we know, this community and even people from other states started to give, give, give. Our total donations turned out to be $4,706. But the generosity did not stop there. The people who work for the city have been the most understanding and helpful people. I would especially like to thank Penny Clayton, who has been extremely patient, helpful, and understanding. With their help, we were able to add two benches to the memorial. Thanks to the extreme kindness of John Semrad, who is building TWO benches free of charge, Thomas is going to have a very beautiful memorial. We’d also like to thank any and all community members who have helped and came together during this tough time. Most importantly, we want to extend our condolences to the Bortvits. Our class has nothing but good, and mostly very funny, memories with Thomas. We all miss him so much. Again, thank you to everyone. This could not have happened without any one of you. It means the world to us.


Rachael Mueller and

the ELC Class of 2014