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Make the best of anything

By Staff | Oct 18, 2015

The wedding was off. With just 40 days to go, the couple canceled the wedding. The bride’s parents were certainly content, if that’s the way they really felt, that they didn’t go into the lifelong commitment of marriage. The deposits were gone, long past the time of possible refund. It was only money. Well, it was kind of a lot of money. Really much more than they had ever spent.

The bride’s father was just about to pick up the phone to cancel the venue, the coconut shrimp and salmon dinner (and chicken fingers for the kids)?when he had a vision. The bride had volunteered for Hosea Feed the Hungry. The food was already paid for — why not make it do some good?

When he called Hosea, the person who answered the phone said, “You’ve got to be pulling our leg. Villa Christina??That’s a top notch wedding venue. You’re going to host 200 homeless people there?”

It wasn’t a joke.

The feast went on Sept. 15. The bride, Tamara, attended the event and it was bittersweet, but rewarding.

The mother of the bride gave this advice on the TODAY show:?”If you cancel an event, don’t just walk away; call your favorite charity and offer it to them.?We’re regular working people, and anyone can do this. This isn’t star stuff.”

We would say it’s human stuff. Sometime in our lives, we might get the chance to be hero to a few people or a few hundred or even more.

If that chance comes along, don’t let it pass you by. Whatever it is you know in your heart would be the generous choice, do it.