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Estherville News Editorial – A day to give thanks

By Staff | Nov 25, 2020

Our newsroom wanted to pause in our Thanksgiving issue to give our sincere thanks to you, the readers of the Estherville News. Despite its relatively small size, this community has things going on all the time that keep us hopping.

From those times we know our coverage of local government will have people talking to bittersweet endings for local businesses or organizations to new beginnings (and these are many) we wouldn’t be here without our readers and subscribers.

In this season of dealing with coronavirus, we are thankful for all of the acts of service and caring we have seen in the past eight months as we continue learning about the virus affects us, what we can do to make things better and how we can support our local businesses as they face challenges.

An unfulfilled wish we’ve had is to share how amazing our readers are. From stopping in with photos from a breaking event neither of us could get to quickly due to business in other parts of the county to comments on how much a story was enjoyed to the sheer act of sharing your stories with us for features, you tend to be thoughtful in your comments, gracious in your criticism, and appreciative of our reporting of the facts and respecting you enough to let you decide.

As we move into a season of giving and wonder, we salute each of you who read us every day.