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Vander Plaats ideas worth discussing

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

Not everyone is going to agree with Bob Vander Plaats. Now president and CEO of The Family Leader, a conservative, religious-based organization that wants to reshape Iowa politics, Vander Plaats is highly unconventional in how he runs a meeting.

There’s always a prayer.

Defining life as starting at conception and marriage as between one man and one woman are at the heart of The Family Leader and Vander Plaats’ philosophies. They’re one and the same.

You can argue all you want that most Iowans won’t agree with either The Family Leader or Vander Plaats on those two fundamental social issues. However, the fact remains that a majority of Iowans voting on the Supreme Court justice retention vote last November said they wanted them to go. It was unprecedented and caught the attention of conservatives nationwide.

You can vilify Vander Plaats all you want, but he has raised some important issues.

God and family are at the center of both The Family Leader and Vander Plaats’ beliefs.

Talk to any psychologist, social worker, sociologist or criminologist, and you’ll hear that unstable and dysfunctional families are at the heart of crime and the decline of social values if not society and civilization itself. Northwest Iowa, where Vander Plaats finds his greatest support, has long been dedicated to God and family.

Vander Plaats is right about the role the family has played in the past in America’s values. He’s right too about the role it could play in strengthening America’s future.

His ideas are worth discussing.