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Hometown heroes: Part II

By Staff | Mar 15, 2011

Last week, we feted Tom Inman, who was recognized Saturday night for his 30 years service to the Estherville Fire Department.

Today we thought it would be a good idea to recognize two other honorees at Saturday night’s annual firemen’s banquet at the Estherville VFW.

Randy Cody was recognized for his 34 years of service. Actually, Randy served a couple more years than that, sitting on a waiting list until he could join.

Randy’s service includes responding to house and business fires and answering accident calls. It was Randy who called the department’s attention to the need for the Jaws of Life for vehicle accidents, something of which he was well aware given the fact that he’s been in the towing and auto business for quite a few years. Randy even headed up the fundraisers for the equipment.

Randy has been serving with the Gruver Fire Department for the past three years, his dedication undaunted. And he continues to regard his fire service with pride.

Greg Langford was recognized as Firefighter of the Year by the department. Greg has served with the department since 1989, and before that, with the Truman, Minn., Fire Department.

Like Randy, Greg enjoys the camaraderie and helping others. And it was an award that Greg really deserved.

And, as Dick Beaver, fire chief, said Saturday night, every person in the department deserves an award for the sacrifices they make in attending meetings and classes and in fighting fires and answering accident calls.

Accolades should also go to their employers and spouses who also sacrifice – employers for their willingness to allow employees to answer fire calls and to spouses for supporting their firefighters as they leave a warm bed at night to fight fires in the bone-chilling cold.

So if you know a firefighter, thank him or her. Because they’re the ones who are willing to do the job no one else dares – or wants to. They’re the ones we could on, 24 hours a day.