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A-R looking for suggestions for Ringsted building

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

Regardless of what happens with plans for consolidation with North Kossuth or Sentral school districts, Armstrong-Ringsted is looking at closing Ringsted Elementary over the next two years.

In bringing the matter before the A-R School Board Monday night, Superintendent Randy Collins said the district can no longer afford to maintain the building which costs $100,000 to $200,000 yearly for utilities and maintenance.

Subsequently, the district is putting the issue on the agenda for the April board meeting. District patrons are invited to comment on the proposal.

Here’s one suggestion: why not an assisted living facility.

The school is already on one floor, and the classrooms would have sufficient square footage for one- or two-person occupancy. If desired, the classrooms could be subdivided into smaller rooms.

Larger rooms like the lunch area could be used for a dining area or for storage.

So how much would the district have to charge for such a facility?

Well, a dollar would be enough, if it were to a private party in the business of running assisted living facilities. The district would recoup the money and then some through extra property tax revenues.

It’s just one idea, and there are certainly more. Whatever your ideas are, the district wants to hear them.