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Wind energy students take an active community role

By Staff | Apr 1, 2011

Iowa Lakes Community College wind turbine and energy technology students reached out to the Estherville community Thursday night, holding their first-ever potluck to show visitors just how advanced the program really is.

College Wind Club students organized the potluck and tour of the facility, said Dan Lutat, program director.

And it was impressive.

Students demonstrated rescue techniques, programmable logic controls and an electric panel measuring wind and turbine speeds.

According to Brian McLaren, Wind Club president, students come from such various states as North Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California, Colorado, New York, Texas and Illinois as well as several foreign countries.

What’s impressive is their passion for what they’re doing. They talk about how they want to work in the green energy industry and make a difference in conserving the world’s resources and making a better planet. And they’re not just talking about it. They’re doing it.

They also seem driven to succeed, and to succeed admirably.

Perhaps what’s so amazing about the program is how much more impressive the program – and the caliber of students – gets every year. Harvard has its law school. MIT has its technology. And Iowa Lakes Community College has its wind energy and turbine technology program.

And that’s saying quite a lot.