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Beware on Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

By Staff | Apr 5, 2011

Today is Drowsy Driver Awareness Day, a great day – just like any day – for drivers to be more aware of their own driving as well as the drowsy driving of others.

We’re all familiar with the dangers of drunk and drugged driving, of course. And then there’s distracted driving, which in itself can be a problem – particularly with people texting while driving. But drowsy driving is a whole different problem.

For quite a few years now, interstate truck drivers have been required to keep track of their hours of service in a log book, also known jokingly in some circles as a “lie book” or “comic book”. However, drowsy driving is a very serious problem – and it can be deadly serious.

While truck drivers are legally required to keep track of the number of hours they’re driving, sleeping or on duty, there is no such requirement for other motorists. It’s just as important that everyone, though, not just truck drivers, is aware of how alert one is while driving.

Following are some tips to follow while driving:

n Get plenty of rest before a long trip. There’s nothing more miserable than starting out on a long trip already tired.

n Plan your stops and make them frequent. If you’re driving across the country, it’s sort of nice to “get out and smell the roses” anyway.

n If possible, bring a partner along to help keep you awake. It will make the time pass a lot more quickly too.

n If you’re playing the radio, switch channels frequently.

n Coffee (or cola) up. Have you driven Highway 34 across western South Dakota? Then you know what we mean.

With a little planning, your trip can be a lot more enjoyable.

So happy traveling!