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Today World Health Day

By Staff | Apr 7, 2011

Today is World Health Day, and this year’s focus is antimicrobial resistance and its global spread.

According to the World Health Organization, sponsor of World Health Day, we live in an era of medical breakthroughs with new wonder drugs available to treat conditions that a few decades ago, or even a few years ago in the case of HIV/AIDS, would have proved fatal.

For World Health Day 2011, WHO will launch a worldwide campaign to safeguard these medicines for future generations. Antimicrobial resistance and its global spread threaten the continued effectiveness of many medicines used today to treat the sick, while at the same time it risks jeopardizing important advances being made against major infectious killers.

What is so alarming about antimicrobial resistance is that it is not limited to “Third-World” or underdeveloped nations or failing sates. In fact, those nations where antibiotics are freely available could be particularly at risk.

One can only begin to imagine the consequences of such a scenario.

Just imagine a common illness or disease – such an influenza or smallpox. Then imagine that commonly used antibiotics or other medications are no longer effective. Imagine, further, if you can, that these antibiotics could in fact create “suepr bugs” for which there could be no cure.

Sound like science fictions?

Well, it’s not.

That’s why the WHO is putting such an emphasis on antimicrobial resistance this year.

For more information, see www.who.int/world-health-day/en/ or contact your local public health official today.