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April 3-9 Explore Your Career Options Week

By Staff | Apr 8, 2011

Usually, we think of career options as something that a high-school senior should be contemplating.

However, in today’s society, everyone should consider how different career options can help one’s career.

April 3-9 is Explore Your Career Options Week, a great way to take stock in your career interests and realities and train yourself accordingly.

Unfortunately, America has shifted from a manufacturing to an information- and service-related society. If you don’t believe that, look at Michigan, once center of the nation’s manufacturing and now considered the center of the nation’s “Rust Belt”. Michigan is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in America. However, the decline of American manufacturing has had its greatest impact in Michigan. As a result, Michigan is the only state in the union to register a decline in population in the last census.

Of necessity, many Michigan residents have found themselves retraining, relocating or both.

The same goes for the rest of the country, where people who have been laid off have gone back to school to brush up on their computer and technology skills.

Let’s take just one industry as an example publishing.

Newspapers around the country have faced declining subscription rates. The reason, of course, is more people are getting their news online. This has led many papers to start charging for online content (most do) or at least think about it.

Another area is book publishing. Traditional “ink and paper” publishers have long been known for the tail wagging the dog marketing departments have more say than anyone else in determining which books get the most play in advertising campaigns. However, online and print-on-demand publishers are rewriting the rules. Writers who could not sell their work before because it did not fit a specific market niche are now enjoying expanded publishing opportunities.

Magazines, too, both popular and academic journals, are finding online editions just as important and in some cases even more so than traditional print editions.

The shift toward a technology and information society is actually helping in another way environmentally.

Once considered a science-fiction fantasy, telecommuting is now a standard way of doing business for many people who now just have to do a “face-to-face” office visit once a week, once a month or even just a few times a year. Many students are getting degrees online or through low-residency programs that require only a couple weeks or so of residency a year.

This all goes to show how important exploring your career options can really be. If you would like to know more about online distance learning opportunities at Iowa Lakes Community College right here in Estherville, check out: www.iowalakes.edu/programs_study/distance_learning/index.htm.