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Business support helps Kinship

By Staff | Apr 12, 2011

Thanks to lots of support from the business community, Kinship of Emmet County is having continued success in attracting kids to the program and mentors to guide them.

Just this Monday, Bob Houseman of Riverside Sinclair donated two, $50 gas cards to Kinship to help out-of-area mentors meet with their mentees. In one case, a mentor has to drive from Estherville to Armstrong to pick up his mentee, come to Estherville for activities, and take him back to Armstrong again. That’s at least 77 miles a week. A couple weeks ago, the mentor took the mentee to the zoo in Minneapolis where the mentor’s parents live.

Other businesses have stepped up to the plate too.

Bank Plus footed the bill to build a Web site for Kinship of Emmet County – $1,000. It was a necessary expense, since a lot of mentors and mentees both get most of their information online.

The Regional Wellness Center is helping out in a big way, too, with $1 day passes for both mentors and mentees.

“Estherville is pitching in from all directions,” said Mary Sloan, prevention supervisor at Compass Pointe which wrote the existing grant for the Kinship of Emmet County program and is writing another.

It’s ongoing support, though, that will really make a difference.

Kinship of Emmet County is really getting traction now. People know about the program. Parents and teachers are referring children and mentors are coming forward.

Male mentors are needed, though, particularly for younger boys who can benefit from their guidance, kind ear and understanding.

If you can spare one hour a week for a year, you could be a mentor too. Contact Emmet County Kinship at 362-2828 and ask about becoming a mentor.

You just don’t know what a difference you could make in a young person’s life.