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TakeAway protects children, environment

By Staff | Apr 16, 2011

A week or so ago, we received a strange package at the Daily News. Inside the cylindrical cardboard tube was an oversized prescription bottle. Was someone sending free Viagra to the news staff as a subtle hint to get us to write in a more energetic style?

Well, actually, it was a cleverly packaged press release advertising the TakeAway environmental return system.

Apparently, in 2009, Iowa was the first state to fully fund TakeAway, a medication disposal program that lets people take unused medications to participating pharmacies for proper disposal.

Over 400 Iowa pharmacies, including Estherville Drug at 522 Central Ave., participate. To date, Iowa pharmacies have collected more than 15,000 pounds of unused medications – that’s 7.5 tons.

According to information provided by the Onnen Company, which submitted the press release, there are a number of benefits of clearing Iowa’s medicine cabinets:

n It stops prescription drug abuse by teens.

n It prevents accidental misuse of prescription drugs by the elderly.

n It keeps prescription drugs away from small children and animals.

n It keeps prescription drugs from entering the environment.

If you’re worried about any bothersome questions if you should participate in the program, consider the following:

n No questions are asked.

n There are no fees to dispose of outdated medications.

n Pharmaceutical disposal is available in every Iowa county.

n Medications are incinerated – ensuring they will not enter the environment.

If you have outdated prescription medicines you would like to dispose of property, see the Iowa Pharmacy Association Web site at IARx.org/TakeAway