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Observe Earth Day

By Staff | Apr 22, 2011

Today is Earth Day and the 41st anniversary of the annual event dedicated to our planet’s sustainability.

The Nature Conservancy has five tips for observing this year’s Earth Day.

First, eat smart. That means learning what’s in your food, where it came from and who it impacts. Is the food you eat grown by people who benefit by growing it? Then you’re eating responsibly.

Second is eat local. Try to buy food in season from local food producers. Consider the cost and impact of hauling food from another part of the country or even another continent. If we buy local produce – such as in a farmers markets – we cut the cost of hauling the food plus pollution from transportation.

Third is to eat sustainably. Try eating sustainable seafood, one of the only foods we can still get from the wild.

Eat green by having more fruits and vegetables. By eating lower on the food chain, we are eating more ecologically.

And, finally, join the Picnic for the Planet. See www.meetup.com/NatureConservancy.

In addition to the food we eat, there are many other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. We can buy paper products made from recycled material, for example. We can also buy products made from recycled plastic. There are even building materials now made from recycled materials that give new meaning to the concept of sustainable building.

Reducing energy consumption is something else we can do. If you’re thinking of adding to your home, or building a new home, why not consider such options as solar, geothermal or, if your zoning and topography permit, wind. Sure, they can be fairly large investments, but just think of how much energy – and money – they could save in the future.

Earth Day should come not just today but every day. This is a good day, though, to think about how we can make our planet a better place not just for us but for future generations.