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Don’t drink and drive this prom

By Staff | Apr 30, 2011

The statistics speak for themselves.

It seems like every spring, there’s a tragic car accident in the news – often locally – that’s the result of teens drinking and driving on prom night. What’s so sad is the expectations of happiness that end in tragedy.

If you’re a teen thinking of drinking and driving this Saturday night, here’s some things to consider.

Sure, you might not get in a car accident. But what if you get picked up.

First of all, where will you find the money to pay the fine. And believe this – it will be enormous.

If you are picked up for driving while under the influence, your license will most likely be revoked. The only reason you will be able to continue to drive is if you can prove you need to drive to work or school. And then you’ll probably have to blow into a device that will determine that you don’t have alcohol in your blood. Otherwise, you car won’t start. And how would you feel if you drove to pick up your date and had to blow into something to start your car. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

And if you should, heaven forbid, get into an accident, what would you say to your parents. If the person that’s riding with you is injured or killed, what would you say to that person’s parents. Could you live with yourself?

And then there’s the criminal penalties – which can include prison time.

So try to make this prom a safe one. Don’t drink and drive.

And have a great prom!