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Shooter training should make us all feel more secure

By Staff | May 18, 2011

This week the Estherville Police Department, through the Fusion Center/Homeland Security, is sponsoring active shooter training for officers from law enforcement departments from throughout the region.

Strategos International of Grandview, Mo., is doing the training which uses both classroom and hands-on tactical training. While officers are using air-soft pellets, the scenarios are as real as possible to give officers the best benefit from their training.

Of course, no training can totally prepare an officer for an active shooter situation. What it can do, though, is reduce the number of mistakes an officer might make when trying to deal with a shooter.

In today’s world, law enforcement can never have too much training. History is replete with situations in which failure to act, and act immediately, resulted in more loss of life.

The Columbine, Colo. shootings are a textbook case of what can happen when law enforcement waits until they’re 100 percent “ready” to respond. In the case of Columbine, the shooting was over and the shooters had taken their own lives.

Training such as this is a good use of taxpayer money. It shows the public firsthand how their tax dollars are being used to protect them.

Chief Eric Milburn, detective Greg Van Langen, whose idea it was to bring the training to Estherville, and the rest of the Estherville Police Department should be commended for bringing this valuable training to Estherville.

Having well-trained officers in our midst should help us all sleep a little better at night.