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Chuck Wagon Day always a great event

By Staff | May 24, 2012

Hats off to Estherville businesses, which put forth a great effort in showing the customers how much they are appreciated during Chuck Wagon Day on Thursday.

There are very few events that bring together so many people from all different walks of life.

It’s great to see downtown full of friends and neighbors greeting each other as they stuff their faces with free hot dogs.

Finding the best toppings-or at least the ones you like-proves to be a fun challenge. People visit all the businesses to see who is serving what.

At times it seems customer appreciation is one of those terms tossed around so much it loses its meaning.

Most Estherville businesses do a good job of showing their appreciation for the customers.

In small towns, the customer is often a friend and Estherville epitomizes that.

We applaud the efforts of the business people serving on the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce who go out of their way to roll out the welcome mat.