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Shop Black Friday locally

By Staff | Nov 22, 2013

As you’re getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year – otherwise known as Black Friday – think of Estherville first in your shopping plans.

And there’s a lot of reasons to do just that.

First of all, you can escape the maddening crowds of thousands of cars cutting in front of you as you’re shopping at the malls. (Did anyone ever think that was fun?)

Another good reason is that you’ll find just what you need. If you haven’t shopped in Estherville lately, you probably don’t realize the great variety our community has to offer.

A third reason is that the dollars you spend here help our local economy. There isn’t anyone who lives in Estherville who doesn’t have a friend, neighbor or family member who works in our retail community. When you spend money locally, you’re helping to create local jobs – not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

You also help the economy because you’re paying local option sales taxes that go to support Excel Estherville which has helped fund many worthwhile projects in our community. When you spend your money out of town, you help support their worthwhile projects.

Probably one of the biggest reasons is that your business is appreciated. Estherville merchants are sponsoring free matinee movies starting today at noon and 2:30 p.m. at the Grand Theatres III in Estherville. Look for free movies all the way until Dec. 22.

These free movies are a great way to take your kids in for some entertainment while you go buy their presents – how convenient.

And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to check out the great dining Estherville offers.

So this holiday season, shop Estherville.

You’ll love what you find.