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4-H awards well deserved

By Staff | Nov 29, 2013

A lot of great people were congratulated for doing a lot of great things Sunday night in Gruver.

At the 2013 Emmet County 4-H Awards Program at the Forest Ridge School gym, 4-Hers were congratulated for their efforts over the past year and leaders for their efforts over the past many years.

While the people and their accomplishments are acknowledged in today’s Estherville News, we think it’s a good idea to restate the 4-H Pledge and discuss what it means:

I pledge


to clearer thinging,


to greater loyalty,


to larger service, and


to better living, for

my club, my community,

my country,

and my world.

Are these mere words? If so, how sad. But are they more than that? Yes, they are.

When young people talk about pledging our heads to clearer thinking, what they really mean is that they are promising to abstain from drugs and alcohol. When we stop to think of how some of the greatest minds and talents in our country have been destroyed by illegal substances, it makes us realize how important this pledge really is.

When we pledge our hearts to greater loyalty, we mean we are dedicating ourselves to a cause – for God, country and community.

When we pledge our hands to larger service, we’re promising to be volunteers – whether it’s helping communities clean up after a tornado, enlisting in the military or serving on community boards.

When we pledge our health to better living, we are promising to live good, clean lives to we can be of value to our communities as long as we possibly can.

Mere words?

Absolutely not.

The youth who take the 4-H Pledge, and the adults who serve as 4-H leaders, are the glue that hold this country together. They’re the ones that everyone looks forward to whenever there’s a traffic accident or a house catches on fire or someone needs protection by police or our armed forces.

If you’re a parent, living either in the country or town, look at 4-H as a place where your child can find the role models and friends that will help mold a fine young man or woman.

There’s hardly a better place for that to happen.