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Thumbs up, thumbs down

By Staff | Nov 29, 2013

Thumbs up to Dave Rowley for a great performance at the Estherville Good Samaritan Society Monday. It’s people like Rowley who devote their time to such worthy causes who make a difference in people’s lives.

Thumbs up to the Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce for donating $250 to the Friends of Fort Defiance. The money came from the fun run and Fright Hike, both in October.

Thumbs up to the Friends for all the work they’ve done this past year on the Whitetail Ridge Interpretive Trail.

Thumbs up to all the people who participated in both the fun run and Fright Hike, helping make these events a success.

Thumbs up to all sides in negotiating this past weekend an end to Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. While some may object, saying it’s not a perfect agreement, the fact remains that it’s an agreement, and a great place to start.

Thumbs up to gas prices remaining at least close to the $3 mark.

Thumbs down to the slight increase in gas prices that can only be attributed to the fact that it’s Thanksgiving weekend.

Thumbs up to Estherville retailers for offering some great holiday shopping deals right here at home.

Thumbs up to everyone who shopped Estherville first this holiday season.

Thumbs up to all the people who went to the effort to make Thanksgiving dinner and invited people into their home who have had nowhere else to go. Thumbs up as well to the people who donated to Thanksgiving meals for the needy or who donated their time on Thanksgiving to serve meals at homeless shelters. You are the true face of God.