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Family Resource Fair makes helping kids fun

By Staff | Mar 28, 2014

Thursday’s Family Resource Fair sponsored by the Emmet County Family Resource Council, Estherville Lincoln Central Schools, an Emmet County Community Foundation grant and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa was a great way for parents and kids to get together, have fun and learn about all the great resources there are in our area to help kids and their parents who care for and about them.

While it was fun, there were some great messages.

Larry Walthart of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative virtually ‘electrified’ kids with his demonstration on how they should be careful with ladders and kites around electric lines.

It was also a great opportunity for kids to meet our local law enforcement officers – both city and county – and see them as friends. That’s a wonderful way for kids to establish a relationship with the people who are there to protect them.

There were plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun too, whether it was a bean bag toss or other games.

In the library, kids had the chance to try out e-books and iPads and see how neat they are. Now maybe they’ll go home and tell their folks about them and they can learn about them too.

While the Family Resource Fair is an important event, we all need to remember that helping kids is a year-round obligation we all have. Each and every adult in our county has the moral responsibility to set a good example for youth. Whether we realize it or not, they’re watching us – and closely. How we handle relationships, do our jobs and deal with conflicts sets an example for them to follow.

If we do those things well, and responsibly, then that’s how youth will do them.

And if we don’t . . .

Well you get the idea.