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Thumbs up, thumbs down

By Staff | May 9, 2014

Thumbs up to all the fine young people who came for the Iowa Junior High and High School Rodeo last weekend. Despite the brisk weather Sunday morning, everyone seemed to have a great time. Thumbs up especially to Emmet County Saddle Club members who sponsored and helped run the event. And thumbs up to the parents who invest an enormous amount of time and money to see their children compete in this wonderful, all-American sport. It would be great to see more Estherville residents turn out to see the rodeo next year and show their appreciation for the efforts of these fine young competitors.

Thumbs down to Mother Nature for putting a bit of a damper on the rodeo early Sunday morning. The competitors toughed it out, though, and the day turned out almost as nice as Saturday.

Thumbs up to Emmet County Sheriff Mike Martens and the City of Armstrong for exchanging law enforcement proposals this week. Law enforcement sharing is one of those topics where it’s best for both parties to lay all their cards on the table and work toward what’s best for everyone, and we know that’s how both parties will go about ironing out an agreement.

Congratulations to Iowa Lakes Community College graduates on receiving their diplomas Friday night. The college is an economic powerhouse to our region, and the students are a tremendous asset with their talent, drive and energy. They work at our local businesses, rent housing, buy groceries, go to movies, buy gifts and dine out. Here’s to fostering an even better working relationship between the Estherville community and the college for the betterment of everyone.

Thumbs up to the Emmet County Historical Society Museum as it plans its 50th anniversary this June. If you’ve never visited the museum at the corner of Third Avenue South and South 18th Street, please plan on doing so sometime this summer. The museum is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day and features so many exhibits it could take a whole day to go through them all. So the next time family comes for a visit, treat them to a trip to the museum.

Thumbs up to the farmers who are getting out in the fields to feed America. Emmet County farmers are among Iowa’s best and Iowa’s farmers are the best in the world.