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Estherville, Emmet County parks getting heavy use

By Staff | Jun 6, 2014

Maybe this health bug thing is just starting to catch on.

A brief glance at parks in Estherville and Emmet County over the past couple weeks shows enormous use by people of all ages. Whether it’s Mickelson or Riverside Park, the walking trails in Estherville or at Fort Defiance State Park, or our country campgrounds which were filled over Labor Day weekend, people are walking, hiking, biking and having loads of fun.

A long, cold winter has a lot to do with it. Probably an even bigger aspect, though, is increased park amenities in Emmet County. Fort Defiance State Park has the Whitetail Ride Interpretive Trail finished last summer along with the Spring Creek Trail trailhead finished just a couple weeks ago – both projects done by the Friends of Fort Defiance and their cohorts. Wolden Campground was packed last weekend.

It’s great to see people getting out and enjoying spring. Emmet County has lots of recreational opportunities, with several lakes, three with full-service campgrounds.

We are indeed lucky to have these facilities. And since we as taxpayers pay for them, we should all use them.

And that certainly appears to be happening.

Relay For Life today

Emmet County Relay For Life events kick off at 9:30 a.m. today in Library Square and go until 10:15 tonight when the luminaries will be extinguished and taken down. The closing ceremony will be at 7 a.m. Sunday in the Avera Holy Family Hospital entryway.

We invite everyone to participate in today’s Relay. The talent and lineup is bigger than ever, making this year’s Relay rival any entertainment event of the year in Emmet County.