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One year as the Estherville News

By Staff | Aug 1, 2014

WOW! This weekend marks the end of the first year of the Estherville News. And what a year it has been. The new weekly newspaper has really given Mike and David the time to make our newspaper a local newspaper full of what you want and need to know. The change has given the staff the opportunity to do what we want them – write the stories, cover the events and take the pictures. For timelier news, be sure to check out our website www.esthervillenews.net.

I would like to thank everyone for giving the news tips and informing us of events before they happen so we have the opportunity to be there to cover the events. Please feel free to inform us of upcoming events either by phone, email or at our website. Use our website by clicking on the ‘submit news’ on the top right corner of our website.

We continue to put breaking news on the website as it happens. We also post obituaries, sports scores, wedding and engagements as they come.

I would like to thank you readers for taking the time to make our newspaper part of your life.

-Glen Caron, publisher