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Thumbs up, thumbs down

By Staff | Aug 8, 2014

Thumbs up to everyone who helped with this year’s Sweet Corn Days last Saturday. If you were around Estherville at all this past weekend, the only way to describe it was monumental. The Estherville Area Chamber of Commerce and its volunteers have created an event that’s the envy of much-larger cities. Activities this year stretched for blocks, with a lot of new entertainment. A big thumbs up also has to go to everyone who helped clean up the next day.

Thumbs up to the City of Estherville and city workers for cleaning up after Sweet Corn Days as well. Sweet Corn Days is an excellent investment in the city and helps make ours a more vital community. It’s all well worth it.

Thumbs up the Emmet County Conservation Board, Emmet County Nature Center Foundation and naturalist Jenna Pollock for their investment in nature recreation in Emmet County. As president of the Emmet County Water Trails Association, Jenna has taken a leading role in events like the fun float last Sunday during Sweet Corn Days. This year it attracted 60 watercraft, making it a truly regional event.

Thumbs up to Tina Burton for all her hard work in the Run for the Cob Saturday. Tina is a true professional who knows running and having her onboard for this event is what makes it great.

Thumbs up to the Black Knights Car Club for a fantastic Sweet Corn Days Car Show. This event has a huge impact on Estherville, bringing people to town just to see the show. Look for their next car show Saturday, Aug. 16 at Okoboji Classic Car Museum on Highway 86 in West Okoboji and their third annual Cruise The Lakes car Cruise the next day, Sunday, Aug. 17.

Thumbs up to Senator Charles Grassley, who will meet with Emmet County constituents at 10:15 a.m., Wednesday at the Iowa Lakes Community College Auditorium. Senator Grassley shows his commitment to Iowa citizens by visiting all 99 counties every year.

Thumbs down to the person who broke the glass in the door at the Gardston last week. If you think such vandalism is funny, just think how funny it would have been if the glass had shattered and permanently disfigured you.