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ELC Foundation makes a difference for our kids

By Staff | Oct 23, 2016

The ELC?Foundation took in a total of $25,000 from donors, which allowed them to award Key Grants to educators at every grade level at Estherville Lincoln Central Schools.

Our district is fortunate to have teachers who care so much for our students. There is not an option in Emmet County for parents to send their children to private school. However, by donating to the Foundation, our teachers can provide the educational experiences they dream of, setting the opportunities at ELC on par with schools in larger towns and cities.

The goal of preparing our children for the world begins with offering a solid foundation in the basics, and expanding their vision of what life can be through technology, books and magazines that take them on new adventures, experiences in music and the arts, which will expand their left brains and help them learn in new ways.

The way our community has invested in educating our students, in removing the barriers to a number of new opportunities and ideas, will, we think, result in a terrific future when these students are old enough to step into the leadership of our community.

Things are always changing, and this is one way our community is changing for the better.

We are proud of our school, the Foundation, and everything it has to offer.

As we have been in the schools working on the special school inserts these last week, we have seen everything from projects digitized on Chromebooks to lessons taught on smartboards to students from the high school leadership class working with kindergarteners on old school flashcards, bingo games, and word games.

The traditions that have made Iowa, and specifically Estherville, a great place to go to school, have not gone away.

Instead, our community and school district continues to find new ways to mix in to the tried and true, and to provide a top education to our students.

Thank you to all who teach and make this great education possible.