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Couldn’t live without our farmers

By Staff | Mar 26, 2020

This week is National Ag Week. For a county like Emmet County, where agriculture is a huge pillar of our economy, the week is worth celebrating. We also believe it’s important to stand with farmers as the last several months have been challenging with tariffs, trade wars and now COVID-19.

Let’s face it. If you’re from rural Iowa, agriculture is part of your identify. Maybe you work on a farm or livestock operation, or there’s a century farm in your family. Your neighbor might be a precision ag applicator, an agronomist, or work at a food plant or tractor supply.

We can’t play Six Degrees of Separation with agriculture, because every one of us is maybe one or two degrees, and most of us not that.

The grocery stores are still open this time for free shopping, and nearly every product on the shelves is an ag product.

If you enjoyed corn or soybean products, fueled your vehicles with an ethanol blend, wear clothes made from cotton you can thank a farmer.

Iowa’s green fields and dense soil would not be the same without a farmer. We hope our readers will thank a farmer this week. You don’t have to physically shake their hand or give them a hug in fact, please don’t do that right now.

The very best way to say thanks is to buy an American ag product. There are plenty to choose from. They could definitely use your support because lately, things haven’t been easy.

In addition to the trade war, weather, flooding, grain prices and other uncontrollable factors are causing even more difficulties for farmers in our midst. We bring up the issues not to muddy up your day, but to promote the idea that our local farmers have weathered these storms with resilience and strength.

It’s hard work. It’s every day. The conditions are often very hot, very cold, very wet or very dry.

In season, there are few days or even hours off. Families commit their whole lives to continuing the operation, based on a dream their ancestors had generations ago an operation started with a plot of land and the requirement that they make a home and a sustainable life on it.

It all puts food on the tables of thousands of people they’ll never meet, as well as the friends and neighbors they know.

We find that beautiful, even poetic. It even kind of makes us hungry.

Support agriculture; thank a farmer today.