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Cousin defends Patocka

By Staff | Mar 14, 2014

I am Roger’s (Patocka) cousin, whose folks moved from Lake Andes to Mitchell, I grew up here. Roger’s mother, my aunt and his father were good South Dakota farmers, sometimes fighting the odds when storms would wipe out their crops. Roger did very well in high school and SDSU in Brookings. I have always found him the most pleasant and level- headed of my family. He will certainly made lemonade out of lemons if he has too. I feel sorry for your county supervisors, who seem more screwed up that the Washington legislators, we’ve all grown to dislike. Maybe this coming election should be a lightning rod for change-throw out the scoundrels that seem to not follow the law and rules. Personnel meetings are not open but should not be conducted in private outside the meeting place-it is simply a violation of the law. Seems to me you need to replace some of your county supervisors with some level-headed-commonsense folks that believe in the law.

Ronald Fuchs

Mitchell, S.D.