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Neighbors help others with storm cleanup

By Staff | Jun 20, 2014

The storm that went through our area Monday night made us stop and think. We are so lucky to live in small town Iowa where people care for each other.

We like everyone else had a lot of branches blown down all over our backyard. We went outside and started to pick up Tuesday. Next thing we knew there was our neighbor Dennis Rohrbaugh and his grandson. We are blessed with the best neighbor anyone would have. He got out his chain saw and started sawing up the big branches. They started to haul them around to the front yard. Our family also helped pick up things.

But 5 o’clock we were completely worn out and thought of the many blessings we had received. As we sat on our deck to rest a big black pickup with a trailer pulled up. Out jumped Ron Beaver and his two helpers. They began loading up the branches. We were so surprised. I told him he didn’t need to do that. He said they had been doing this all day. The city had a big job to do and this was a way to help out. They picked up everything and raked up the leaves on the lawn. As they left I had tears in my eyes and so thankful for one more blessing.

I have heard since of other good deeds done for other people.

We always hear about all bad news and forget about all the good things that are all around us.

Thank you to everyone who were willing to pitch in and help others.

Virgil and Anne Friesner, Estherville