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Supervisors have your back

By Staff | Nov 1, 2018

To the editor:

Like many Estherville residents, I recently received a letter from Iowa City-based lawyer James Larew. At first, I was confused. What in the world would an attorney living four-and-a-half hours away want with me? The letter answered that question soon enough: my money. Not real money, mind you, but the cash I would get, in theory if a decided to join this lawyer’s class action lawsuit against Central Bi-Products for the odor problems.

Attorneys are in business just like everyone else, and class action lawsuits are one of their biggest money-makers. An Oct. 28 Estherville News article pointed out that people who get talked into joining these class-action suits “win” pennies on the dollar-as little as 0.000006 percent of whatever settlement the parties reach. And it’s almost always a settlement, because it’s just too expensive to fight these cases in court.

On the other hand, our Emmet County Supervisors have been aggressive in holding Central Bi-Products accountable. Thanks to Supervisors like John Pluth and Jeff Quastad, we’re getting our day in court and CBP will likely be getting some fines. And the company has clearly cleaned up its act. That’s why I’m supporting Pluth and Quastad for reelection this November. They live here in Emmet County, and have our best interests at heart when it comes to dealing with our odor issue. We have our own attorneys here in Estherville.

James Larew in Iowa City just smells money.

Cliff Peta,