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No school at Demoney on Friday, Dec. 21

By Staff | Dec 18, 2007

WOW, it is the end of the year 2007 and our building project is coming along nicely.

Demoney will not have school on Dec. 21. Why not Demoney and the other buildings do? It is because teachers and custodians could move all the furniture and materials out of the room so the asbestos tile could be removed starting Dec. 26.

This is an intensive project and will take five days, so it should be done by Jan. 2 or 3. The custodians still need to clean the room and prepare it for teachers to move their things back in on Jan. 4. There are also high school rooms that tile are being removed from, so that is why school will not resume until Jan. 7.

So what will students on the west side of the Demoney rotunda have for flooring after the tile is removed–it will be concrete.

We will have an area rug for the areas the children sit on the floor. Right after school is out for the 2007-08 school year construction workers will begin remodeling the west side of the Demoney rotunda to become the 0-5 day care, Head Start, a guidance office, Head Start mini-kitchen, a conference room and Head Start and Day Care storage.

So as you can see it was very important to be ready for demolition and renovation, because there is a lot to do.

The first- and second-graders will move into the new addition at Demoney this summer which is a 10-classroom addition, a mechanical room and a teacher work room. When you drive by the north side of Demoney you can see the progress being made on the addition, it is very exciting.

The classrooms will be 900 square feet and will have two windows. They will have a sink, a bubbler or drinking faucet on the sink and a wall of cabinets for storage.

These will be a wonderful change for our teachers and students. If you want to continue to be updated on the construction weekly, please go to the district Web page and click on “Construction Update.”

The staff is doing a good job keeping the site current and it is fun to see the weekly progress.