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Encouraging people to vote

By Staff | Dec 19, 2007

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois and 2008 presidential hopeful) greeted us all Sunday evening to a large round of applause and a big smile at the Regional Wellness Center in Estherville. He warmed up the room with a quirky comment on the “warm sunny evening” that we were having, which was actually quite foggy and a frigid 20 degrees. But that didn’t slow down Obama at all. He started right into his speech, talking about the problems of the current president. His joke about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney not being on the ballot was well received.

One of Obama’s biggest ideas is new forms of energy. He stressed the need to reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil and create newer, more reliable forms of energy here in America.

If elected, he said politics in Washington will change drastically. Finally the voices of the American people will be heard, the tax breaks will be given to the hard-working Americans who should have gotten them in the first place and health insurance would no longer be an issue.

Children and teachers in America seem to be a big part of Obama’s focus. He would raise salaries for teachers and improve education as a whole.

These days it’s hard to save, hard to retire and there are high prices for college and steadily rising prices at the pump. Obama’s plan to combat these issues is to give a $4,000 tax credit to every college student every year they are there. He will also reduce our dependence on foreign oil by growing our own, and significantly cutting the more than $800 million that is spent on foreign oil every day in America.

One of the most important issues in this year’s election is the war on Iraq. Obama has opposed the war since the start and stressed he will bring the war to a close early in his first term as president and send the troops to Afghanistan where they should have been in the first place.

As an 18-year old, this will be my first election as well as the first for many of my friends. I encourage all of you to vote next year, no matter who it’s for. Obama stressed the need for voters, even if they didn’t vote for him. The single voices of all Americans count in every election so I urge all of you to go out and vote next year. Watching Barack Obama talk about his presidential policy was a very encouraging thing to see. I’ve watched quite a few politicians talk about what they would do as president, but I’ve only watched one person and that’s Sen. Obama.

“I won’t be a perfect president,” Obama admitted, but he will certainly be an honest, hard-working one and that’s something the White House hasn’t seen for some time.

If Barack Obama is elected president, I am incredibly confident in his ability to lead our country and bring us back into a time of prosperity. The standards our country was founded on will return.

To quote Obama, “America will be back and ready to lead once again.”