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Strengthening Families

By Staff | Sep 16, 2008

If we were asked what we wish for our children, I believe many of us would reply to help our children be successful. Parents of sixth grade students have a unique opportunity to do just that by enrolling in the Strengthening Families class scheduled to begin Sept. 28 in Estherville.

Yes, that is right, participants in the Strengthening Families program have consistently shown to have more success in school, better child and parent relationships, stronger ability to resist peer pressure and make better choices. And all of that happens while sixth graders and their parents have fun at the same time!!

This is the seventh year we have offered the program in the ELC School. We will have the program for Armstrong-Ringsted in February of 2009. Both locations will offer the seven-week program complete with child care for younger children and a meal for participants. We are able to offer this program with contributions from Emmet county Community Foundation grant and SCAT-School and Community Action team monies.

So if you have a sixth grade student, sixth grade grandchild or a sixth grade neighbor, niece or nephew, encourage them to enroll. It is a great program with fantastic results! And we offer it once a year so now is the time to enroll. For more details, give me a call at 712-362-3434.