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Mike’s Meanderings

By Staff | Apr 16, 2009

“Where were our local government officials?” one person asked.

“I don’t know,” said another. “Where do you suppose they are?”

The people who asked those questions were at the Taxation Tea Party noon Wednesday on the south end of Library Square. A total of 74 persons met to sign a letter protesting out-of-control taxes which was then forwarded on to government officials at all levels.

The people were of all ages and political persuasions but they had one commonality – they were all sick and tired of paying increasingly higher taxes – including those “hidden” taxes which are more indirect but that hit the taxpayer below the belt.

Missing from the peaceful demonstration, though, were local government officials. No Democrat local public officials. No Republican local public officials. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Could the reason local government officials were not there be that our local governments are giving government employees pay raises while others in the public sector are laid off and those local government officials knew people would be angry with them?

No? Well, then maybe it’s because of how real estate assessments soared for many people since last year and they knew people would be angry about that too. You did get your tax assessment in the mail, didn’t you? Did that make you happy?

Could the reason local government officials were not there possibly have been the fact that many of them (as well as other local government employees) get a far better health plan than most of us could afford and they knew people would be angry about that too? Could the reason that we can’t afford a similar plan be that we’re shelling out our hard-earned tax dollars to pay for their health plan?

No? Well then maybe it’s because local government officials always have to have the best and newest of everything – the newest vehicles, the best offices, the newest computer systems (by the way, this editorial is being written on a computer that dates to the last millennium).

Can you think of some other reason local government officials weren’t there?