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The Way to Wellness – Beat the winter blues

By Staff | Feb 14, 2014

Editor’s note: The following is a monthly column from a member of the Emmet County Wellness Coalition.

February is that time of year when those big goals and resolutions of the New Year start to slip away. We had promised to exercise everyday, eat healthy, drink more water and quit smoking but slowly we start skipping workout sessions, having a whole box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, grabbing a can or two of soda each day and are back to our usual smoke break.

This February doesn’t have to end like this for you.

The Regional Wellness Center turns 10 this month and it’s got your back for helping you stick to your goals and resolutions. With almost 300 participants in this year’s Lifestyle Challenge, it is obvious Estherville wants to be healthier and the Regional Wellness Center is a great place to start.

Since the RWC began it has grown, changed and adapted to meet the needs of Estherville. Love to walk but hate the cold? Go to the RWC and beat the winter blues by walking around the indoor track suspended over the gym. Love to run but hate the cold? Try an elliptical, the track or a treadmill. Drop in and try a fitness class to get your heart rate pumping and blood flowing, anything from circuit training to core work to step classes are offered at the RWC. Live a healthy lifestyle and be active even if we are having a record-breaking, teeth-shattering, cold year, by exercising inside at the RWC. A healthy community is a sustainable community.

Get out, get in, work hard and play hard all at the Regional Wellness Center and help them celebrate their 10-year anniversary this month.