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Library News – Changing Old Habits

By Staff | Jan 8, 2020

With the start of a new year I have decided to make some new changes in my habits for the better. One thing I want to do is purge myself of all the unnecessary clutter in my home. But that is another subject. I have also decided to try to read more books this year. After reading a short article, Seven Easy Habits to Read More Books Next Year, I thought I would share a few of them with you.

#1. Being able to put a book down and not finish it and start another book.

A habit of increasing the number of books you have is a good habit. We have all started to read a book that we just didn’t want to finish because it has become to predictable, boring or just not worth your time. So, give yourself permission to stop reading a book and start a new book.

#2. Build a library in Bridges through the library or in a wish list.

The goal is to have a number of potentially great books to read. You can download books on Bridges. You have choices of books in print to check out at the library and there are also many books on audio to listen to.

#3. Reduce the temptation to do something easier than reading a book.

It is much easier to look at social media like Facetime, Instagram or YouTube than reading, which is slower and takes a commitment on your part. You will find it easier to read if you limit your time on social media at certain times of the day. It will become a lot easier to sit and read.

#4. Set aside a half hour before you sleep to read.

Don’t read on your kindle or ipad because of the blue light from the screen makes you brain feel like it is daylight. Pick up the book and read at least 25 pages a night. You will finish more books a year with just this habit.

#5. Change begins with you.

If you want to read more books this year you need to commit to making changes that allows you to have the time. Make small changes at first like reading for 30 minutes a day.

Please stop in at the library to see all the new books, series books, self interest books and many more subjects to begin a year of reading more.